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New song: "My Techno-Fascist God"

Out of the ashes of the free internet, our techno-fascist future has arrived, with billionaires and their algorithms in control of our means of communication and our very minds.

My Techno-Fascist God

While sitting at my screen it occurred to me one day
It’s been years since I’ve heard what those people used to say
Back when the algorithms favored them
And their form of opposition to the system
Now it’s other folks that occupy my feed
And so they are what I write about and this is what I read
When was it that I handed the control over my brain
To billionaires with everything to gain

With a phone in my pocket, sheared and shod
All from inside my pod
I learn who should get the rhapsody
and who should get the rod
From my techno-fascist God

I remember long ago when the internet
Was as decentralized as anything could get
Before the billionaires hijacked
Sealed off the leak that had briefly cracked
The network of control, now multiplied
Each device with your own dictator inside
To personalize your program, to train you to respond
The way you should when they wave their wands


Who should I hate this morning, I turn on the app
Scroll a couple hours, get my brainwashing on tap
What matters, what doesn’t, who’s telling us the truth
Should we blame the boomers, should we blame the youth
Should we blame the Proud Boys or the liberal elite
And how should we behave when we see one on the street
How much time did I just spend arguing with trolls
And racing down another rabbit hole


Tour Plans

Plenty of wonderful gigs in Australia coming up! We also still have room for more gigs, pretty much anywhere in southern Queensland or most anywhere in New South Wales or Victoria, if folks are flexible with the date.

August gigs in northern California are coming together, particularly in the San Francisco Bay Area. Of particular interest would be gigs anywhere north of Sonoma County.

I’m thinking of going to Chicago for the DNC after that, later in August, and also planning a trip to Detroit in early September. If anyone in the midwest might be inclined to organize a house concert or other event that could coincide with those visits, I’d love to hear from you.

Next plan to visit Europe is for the month of November, probably entirely in Scandinavia, though I’m open to other possibilities.

Sing Out for Gaza

At last weekend’s Sing Out for Gaza in downtown Portland, Russell Gores sang the very appropriate song by Utah Phillips, "Enola Gay," about the bombing of Hiroshima, with Steve Cleveland on accordion.

This Week with David Rovics
This Week with David Rovics
If I do an interview, whether as the interviewer or interviewee, or a livestream event, new song, audio essay or various other things, it’ll often go out as a podcast here.