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New song: "Divide and Rule"

Ever feel like a marionette whose strings are being pulled by billionaires who like to watch their puppets form circular firing squads? Me, too.

Divide and Rule

What’s more important – gender, race, or class?
Give me the wrong answer and I’ll have to kick your ass
Do Black lives matter a little, or do they matter a lot?
What were you doing on the night that Bettie Jones was shot?
Do you really care?  If so, then how much?
Or are you some kind of privileged person, completely out of touch?

Let’s argue about it, let’s be perfect little tools
Let’s play the game of the billionaires – the old divide and rule

What is your position on Vladimir Putin?
Is he God, or the devil – for which side are you rootin’?
Do you support negotiations?  Or do you support the war?
There is no room for nuance here, which side are you for?
Let’s shout at one another until we get tired of shouting and then
Entrench our positions and make sure to never talk again

Is it a genocide in Gaza, or is it just a slaughter?
What do you call a country that won’t let people have water?
Is antisemitism on the rise?  Is it true
You can’t call someone a Nazi if they are a Jew
How do we even start to have such a debate
What’s your position on the existence of the Jewish state?

What’s your pronoun, how do you define?
Your gender, sexuality, where do you draw the line?
What’s the difference between X and Y?
Who gets to be a girl, who gets to be a guy?
Who do you exclude and who do you embrace?
What’s your definition of safer space?

Have you been doing the work, and if so are you sure?
Are you progressing towards the genuinely pure?
Have you got the right perspectives, your ducks all in a row?
Is that Facebook banner just the one you really want to show?
Do you look good in the camera, sound earnest in the mic?
Was there a post for which you regret clicking “like”?

Kamala and I will also be singing at a bunch of protests not listed on the graphic or on my website, such as a rally in solidarity with refugees in Brisbane on Saturday. I’ll send more updates later…

This Week with David Rovics
This Week with David Rovics
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