This Week with David Rovics
This Week with David Rovics
New song: "This Is Genocide"

New song: "This Is Genocide"

A song for the holocaust-deniers.

This is Genocide

This is genocide, it is not a war
It is a slaughter in a ghetto by the shore
A ghetto with no army, a ghetto with no ports
A ghetto under the jurisdiction of the military courts
Of an occupying power with the target:  everyone
Killing them with bombs and chemicals and guns

This is genocide, they’re using famine and disease
As our lives go on, just across the seas
The occupying army is imposing starvation
On everyone in Gaza, of every station
Parents or children, people anywhere
They’re being killed because they’re still living there

This is genocide, it’s happening now
The western politicians talk about how
They must stop the bombing and let in aid
But the murder continues with American-made
Missiles and jets with zero regard
As the buildings collapse like houses of cards

This is genocide, whether or not
The media moguls have decided they’ve got
Elections to cover or any number of things
More worthy than what is happening
In Gaza, where they’re facing two million dead
That’s what the heads of the UN departments all said

This is genocide, and if you disagree
There is a phrase to describe your idiocy
Those who see, and then look away
Those leaders who talk but at the end of the day
The hunger, the bombs falling down from the sky
Is a holocaust that they would rather deny

This is genocide

This Week with David Rovics
This Week with David Rovics
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