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"Keep on Eating Til the Card's Maxed Out" REMIX

Chet Gardiner has done some especially impressive enhancements to this song so it really sounds like I'm playing with a band, if you didn't know I recorded my parts alone in my living room.

On another note, thanks to the wonderful gaggle of folks who joined my Community-Supported Art program on one platform or another since I put out this very autobiographical song in the first place a few days ago. Anyone else who wants to become a member, and receive a Better Anarchist Club card in the mail, please feel free! My children and my landlord will appreciate you, whether they know it or not.

I forgot to include lyrics when I first shared the song.

Keep On Eating Til the Card's Maxed Out

I put the groceries on a credit card
So when the 1st comes round
We’ll have money in the bank to pay the rent
It never used to be so hard
But lately I’ve found
Before the checks come in, the money’s spent

I didn’t know that my apartment
Would be a product on the market
Although housing is a basic human need
Now it's just someone’s investment
A place where they could park it
In this land of corporate greed

I don’t know what the future holds
But of this there is no doubt
We’ll keep on eating til the card’s maxed out

When I was young they said
The economy was booming
Back then I didn’t understand
This was just a line they fed
The people they were grooming
For the fate they had in store to take the land

You can just look down the street
There’s no question what you see
Listen to the trembling inflection
Most of the neighbors that you meet
As they’re turning their door key
People struggling in every direction

Bearing Witness, the album, is out on all the streaming platforms now.

The tour will involve the above locales in the Pacific Northwest, then June/July in Australia, August in northern California as well as the midwest, November in Scandinavia, if all goes as hoped… Many more gigs wanted!

This Week with David Rovics
This Week with David Rovics
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