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"Hani Mahmoud and Tareq Abu Azzoum" REMIX

Chet Gardiner's enhanced rendition of a song that couldn't possibly be more timely, unfortunately, as the Israeli forces continue to besiege the hospitals.

As I sit here, most of the journalists still reporting from Gaza seem to be somewhere in a hospital complex in Rafah that is currently under siege by the Israeli military. This song is not a prediction of their deaths, but rather a plea for their lives.

Saturday in Portland!

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA: my plan is to take a trip to the Bay Area in August. I have confirmed gigs in Santa Rosa and in Berkeley. HOWEVER, I need at least 2 more definite gigs somewhere in No Cal or else it doesn't work. Anyone else want to host a house concert or other gig...?

This Week with David Rovics
This Week with David Rovics
If I do an interview, whether as the interviewer or interviewee, or a livestream event, new song, audio essay or various other things, it’ll often go out as a podcast here.