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New music videos + UK Zionist Lobby Harassment of Me Continues

Three different collaborative projects featured here -- the first video from the France recording sessions, a new video from Chet, and two new ones from Damien Stone! And an update from UK Zionists.

“As The Bombs Rain Down” is the first release from the upcoming album, “iUteurki vs David Rovics.” Recorded 1-17 February, 2024 in L'Isle Bouzon, France, and set to release worldwide in October, 2024. For more info about the band and our intentions to tour together, please check out!

Damien Stone filmed Kamala, Leila and I singing "Behind These Prison Walls" in Dorchester recently. He added some very relevant footage he shot in 2010 and made this video.

Damien Stone filmed us singing "Smashing Elbit Systems," and added relevant footage for this appreciation of the fine, upstanding actionists with the sledgehammers.

The Israeli regime obviously intends to kill everyone in Gaza, if you look at their actions, rather than believing (or pretending to believe) their worthless excuses. This is the video of my most recent song, sung from my living room, with Chet Gardiner’s new and wonderfully improved rendition of the audio. To be appearing on the imminently-upcoming album, Bearing Witness.

If you’re anywhere near Woodstock, New York, come see Ben and I on Sunday!

UK Zionist Lobby Harassment of Me Continues

To recap for those who didn't hear about the latest round of this nonsense, the CEO of the genocide-supporting UK Lawyers for Israel is named Jonathan Turner.  His wife runs what is apparently called a charity, which apparently does the dirty work for UK Lawyers for Israel.  Her name is Caroline Turner.

In February, while I was on tour in England, she was emailing venues to threaten them with legal action if they didn't cancel my appearance.  Now she wants to erase any public record that her campaign of threats and harassment ever happened, evidently.  Here's the latest email to me from Caroline:

Caroline Turner's cancellation-campaigning is repugnant, as is her support for Israel's genocidal war against the Palestinian people.  Her "charity" and her husband's legal outfit are also repugnant institutions.  Such entities should be identified as publicly as possible for the abhorrent entities that they are.  

Scum festers in dark, wet places, and shrivels in the light of day.  Let the scum shrivel.  There's your answer to your email, Caroline Turner.

For those who missed it, here's the article I wrote about Caroline Turner's "charity" and its nefarious activities.

Coincidentally, on the very day Caroline Turner started sending her threatening emails to venues I was scheduled to play at in England, a troll farm involving thousands of participants began flooding my Facebook pages with sadistic, racist, sexist, and especially Islamophobic bile.  It's clearly an orchestrated campaign, for a lot of obvious reasons that I won't bother explaining here, but I've written about the Hasbara trolls for those who are interested.

I even wrote a song about Caroline Turner's pet Hasbara troll farm!

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