This Week with David Rovics
This Week with David Rovics
Where Did All These Terrorists Come From?

Where Did All These Terrorists Come From?

I wrote a poem.

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Where Did All These Terrorists Come From?

I heard Gallant and Austin talking to the press
Looking strong for the cameras, how could they do less
With all that’s arrayed against them from the Houthi army in Sana
From the shores of Lebanon to the fighters in Gaza
Thousands and thousands of terrorists – terrorists everywhere
Terrorists taking hostages and never fighting fair
Dying in such numbers and then fighting back some more
After all our efforts, in war after war after war

Where do these terrorists come from, what is it that makes them tick?
Is there something in the water that makes them a bit thick?
Maybe it's the weather that gets them all so mad
Perhaps it's their schooling and the childhoods they had
Raised to rage and fight, to praise the martyrs passed
Indoctrinated with ideas like fighting to the last
Or it could be just that Disney is too much to tolerate
And to look at Donald Duck just fills them up with hate

Maybe they’re all homophobes who don’t like our gay bars
They don’t like us because we drink too much and have adult film stars
So many bigoted people who think we’re underdressed
Rebelling against the infidel bikinis of the west
Maybe they don’t like our music, maybe they just want to kill
Maybe they’re brainwashed by their imams and they’re following God’s will
Maybe they like the Russians and they’re Putin’s tools
Or maybe they just believe in Sharia Rule

Maybe they don’t like freedom and offensive French cartoons
Maybe they don’t like that story about the red balloon
Maybe they fear the future, they reject modernity
They want to keep their people in a feudal society
Perhaps they don’t like HBO, or it could be CNN
Maybe they’re afraid it could liberate their women
Maybe it’s our sex shops or the drugs we’ve legalized
Maybe that’s the reason why the west is so despised

It could be that they woke up on the wrong side of the bed
Perhaps they read Mein Kampf and got ideas in their heads
Maybe they’re antisemites, they don’t like Jews
Who knows where they got their violent views
Maybe they’re still resentful since the Inquisition
Maybe they want to control the world, the jihadi mission
Or perhaps they just have issues anyone could understand
Like invaders stole and occupied their land

This Week with David Rovics
This Week with David Rovics
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