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"Aotearoa" REMIX

A particularly enchanting remix from Chet of a song I wrote during pandemic lockdown times. Another track for the upcoming album.

A lot of songs from the days of the pandemic lockdowns didn’t age well, for a variety of reasons. When I listen to this one, though, it brings back the longing I felt during that time to be somewhere that had kept the virus out and was having normal life, with concerts and festivals and everything. One of the very few places like that in 2020 was Aotearoa/New Zealand.

In 10 days I fly off to Australia, for what looks to be another wonderful tour there. Every time I’m planning a visit to Australia, I hear from people in Aotearoa wondering if I’m coming there, too. Every time, since 2013, the sad answer to that question is “no.”

I had a whole bunch of wonderful tours on those beautiful islands, and befriended many wonderful people during those visits. I hope to get back there someday. In 2013 I was turned away at the very last moment by New Zealand Immigration, in Tokyo about to board a plane for Auckland, and told I was not welcome in the country.

It’s been unclear since then what that was all about or what might happen if I try to visit again, and under these circumstances, no one has stepped forward to organize another tour. The one that people worked hard to organize in 2013 never happened. We still have the beautiful tour posters someone made on our wall here in Oregon.

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This Week with David Rovics
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