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"I Heard A Rumor" REMIX

Here it is, folks, the title track of the next album.

The next album I put out with Chet Gardiner backing me up on everything is going to be titled I Heard A Rumor.

The title track, and several of the other tracks destined for the album, take on the rumor mill. Different tracks address different aspects of rumor-mongering -- in its algorithmically-driven form, in the form of significant elements of the left being captured by false consciousness, and in the form of Cointelpro-style, agency-led disruption and disinformation tactics.

This will be the third album Chet and I put out together so far in 2024, following the same process: I record my vocals and an instrument (guitar, bouzouki, or mandola) in my living room, send Chet the file, and he does everything else you're hearing, somehow or other.

I’m posting all the tracks that are remixed and ready to go on the next album in this playlist on Soundcloud:

This Week with David Rovics
This Week with David Rovics
If I do an interview, whether as the interviewer or interviewee, or a livestream event, new song, audio essay or various other things, it’ll often go out as a podcast here.