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Well done, David. Always great and usually profound. And still it continues. Take heart, friend.

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Another courageous work, David. I remember writing about this false narrative during the 2nd Intifada, and it had already gotten old by then: 

                                                            “Come let us reason together…

                                                            But if you refuse or rebel

                                                            You shall be devoured by the sword.”

                                                                          Isaiah 1:18-20

Once more the humiliated in desperation strike out

having come to the table only to be told the meal is over

Once more publicly reprimanded by all the heads of states

for irrational acts and emotional responses to a nuanced situation

Lectured on the importance of returning to the table at once

before the patience of the international community is exhausted

and these already tenuous discussions collapse completely

in a massive display of military might meted out in righteous indignation

Like in the good old days, told to come to the table and talk

while night after night the humiliation and cleansing continue


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