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I am hoping you can do a song on Genocide Joe.

Maybe use the tune from Panama Red?

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More like the Bizarro World of the old Superman funny books. Except that there is nothing comic about this.

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You are more than welcome to put some music to my poem.

Genocidal Merciless Massacre in Gaza

written by Mary E. Joyce, Boston, MA.

Nov. 19, 2023.

Every day I weep

broken hearted no sleep

Genocidal Israeli bombing of Gaza

how do we cope so much pain and trauma

Indigenous land palestine

The world still remains blind

Dozens of Olive Groves Burnt Daily

No bread no food no water no electricity

Complicity of US, UK, France and Germany

Guns tanks rockets Iron Dome

Bombing them out of their own home

Not another nickel or dime

No more money for War Crimes

Children brutally mercilessly murdered

Indigenous population exterminated.

Humanity stands by no tears no cries.

Genocidal Merciless massacre

Thousands of innocent children have died.

Inhumane no dignity no decency

heartless soulless sadistic twisted evil.

Friends say Zionism is not Judaism.

Murdering thousands of innocent people.

Millions of people protest in the streets

Rabbis for Peace.

Demanding permanent ceasefire.

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