Hello David. I read your comment twice today because I thought it was so interesting and entertaining. I'm a retired baby boomer who worked overseas for 15 years and came back to the USA just before Obama got elected. I had never done facebook or twitter, etc., so I finally did facebook and then trump became president so I had facebook for something like 5 minutes. I had to cancel because it kept triggering me. I've never done twitter because the guy who owns it now is idiotic. But my millennial kids and gen z teenage granddaughters who I'm raising have taught me something I love: instagram. My point is that facebook is toxic, and we baby boomers and Gen X should just hand everything over to Gen Z because they wouldn't be caught dead looking at something like facebook. They don't watch CNN either, nor do they read the New York Times. They get their news directly from instagram by witnessing what is going on around the world. Thus their news is not censored like the mainstream media trying to hypnotize people into believing that capitalism is good.

My husband is Palestinian, my kids are arab-americans, and we all are intently focused on Gaza. We have Al Jazeera on all day in our house, both Arabic and English. It is very sad that the US left has time to gossip, as the global south does not. They are trying to survive and scrape a living because the USA and Europe have raped and pillaged their land. Genocide in Gaza is also ecocide, infanticide, etc-ocide.

We loved your song about Hani Mahmoud and Tareq Abu Azzoum. Every morning I'm relieved when they appear on air because it means they haven't been murdered by the Israelis, while so many other great Al Jazeera reporters and videographers have been (not to mention aid workers).

I visited several university encampments in southern California, and was always welcomed warmly because I took food and flowers.

The kids are all right, but we baby boomers and Gen X are not.

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Your openness around these issues is the best defense. You’re virtually uncancelable at this point because you’ve named the problem up front. Carry on, fellow worker!

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Many of us further to the right have long noticed that Antifa is anything but anti-fascist, strident suppression of dissent being a hallmark of fascism. Still, it’s sad to see it becoming apparent to folks on the left as well. I’m sorry you are suffering, but I do believe they will destroy themselves before too much longer.

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Suppressing dissent is certainly a hallmark of authoritarianism. Fascism is more than just authoritarianism, however. National socialism involves a lot more than just authoritarianism, and it's kind of in the name... As for the right, generally it's very much in favor of authoritarianism, as well as fascism, such as in the case of the Israeli regime, which is fascist by any definition, and supported very actively by the right around the world. I'm not sure how an authoritarian supportive of a fascist regime can have a useful perspective on other authoritarians suppressing anyone, but I'm glad you find my stuff interesting enough to read for whatever reason. To be clear, when I refer to Rose City Antifa I am referring specifically to that Portland-based cult, not to antifa generally, which is a very international phenomenon that varies a lot depending on the country.

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