May 5, 2023Liked by David Rovics

It's hard to believe that all of this stuff is happening on it's own, without any push from people who want to sidetrack and divide movements. I think the WTO and anti-globalization movement got people in high places scared. It may be private sector or FBI COINTELPRO type stuff, but I'm convinced that people have been fanned out nationwide to make it hard for organizations to attract and retain members. Great organizations of great people seem unable to sort out issues of oppression amongst themselves and disband.

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"who might be considered rightwingers"!? We've been over this before, David. Matthew Heimbach is the leader of a nazi party. It's not a grayscale situation, you invited a nazi. You can twist that any way you want, but I can't blame anyone for deciding not to support that action.

Hope to see you back in DK soon, we can have it out over a beer.


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