Nice! Glad to hear your trip is going well. Sounds like you should move to Scandinavia! Im a big believer in not banging your head against the wall staying where people treat you like shit, but Ive also always been nomadic.

We´ve talked quite a bit of shit about Naomi Klein in recent years, but would you consider writing a review of Doppelganger?

If so, we´d love to repost such a thing. I haven´t read the book, and perceived it as an insult directed at people like me who dare to question MSM-approved narratives, but I wouldnt be surprised if Naomi Klein did have some valuable insights...

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i should write a review of the book, that's a good idea. i understand why you'd be skeptical of her and the book, but i'd say to anyone feeling that way that altho some of nk's perspective on various things might not be consistent with yours, what she offers in the book that is so valuable is an analysis of how the logic-twisting systems of the mirror world operate when they see fit to do so. the value of the book is all about the meta stuff, not about the specifics, in my view.

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I write this comment listening live to your "Concert for Palestine" - I missed the start, so need to listen to it in full when you upload it to Patreon. This blog is so full of solidarity and it gives me hope. David brave of you to wear a Palestine Action t-shirt at Frankfurt Airport. The stories of solidarity in places in Scandinavia is never publicised in the UK, so it is great to hear about the solidarity spirit that is alive in those countries. Please continue blogging detailed reports like this - it is a morale booster in these genocidal times. Story of connecting with Stella Assange was heartwarming - we must never forget Assange is still in Belmarsh for doing all of us a favour with brave journalism - a true journalist when you compare him to the stenographers of the MSM cheering on a genocide as I write.

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