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Once again, well spoken, David.

I was reminded of a paragraph from a novel I wrote a couple of years back, called "A Wider Perspective." The speaker of the piece is a Revisionist Zionist Rabbi from Montreal, who is visiting Washington, DC, in the hope of being hired by as a media strategist by the Israeli Embassy. The vision he enjoys comes to him as he nods to sleep in his hotel room:

"And as his concentration drifted, the thought of Eretz Yisrael three hundred years hence came to him. A time when her frontiers stretched from the Mediterranean to the banks of the Euphrates, from the Golan Heights to the Red Sea, and there were no more questions of the legitimacy of Jewish rights over this land, nor any sincere considerations of Palestinian Arab claims. A time when all that remained of Palestinian culture were a few authentic villagetzm scattered near excavated ruins: a dozen or so huts, a public garden, a play park where youths played soccer and girls attended to their younger siblings, while their parents gathered and prepared food in the traditional manner or worked in the artisanal workhouses at the gated entrance of the villagetzm. A waqf of the Knesset, financed by Israel Tourism and the charity of tourists, in recognition of authentic Palestinian Arab culture, for the enlightenment and entertainment of visitors brought there after touring some local ruin or reservoir… Brought there to grope their way through restored underground tunnels or to visit the souvenir shops where they could bargain down overpriced kufiya and jars of sorted sand grains, prepared by local craftsmen… Brought there to witness the shuffling of feet in a traditional ghost dance, every afternoon during the tourist season, as was done by the Mohawk warriors, during the trips organized for his students to the reserve at Kahnawake"

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i need to read more fiction, and start with some alan heffez! that's a chilling picture you paint there, and terrifyingly realistic, especially to any american, australian, canadian, or new zealander, to take a few...

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